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Greek-style Black Table Olives in Brine


We will be following the directions for that recipe (pg. 6) in the University of California publication:


                                       Olives: Safe Methods for Home Picking


Dec 07, 2012; Steps 1 - 4: After doing the normal minimal sort, and following the directions up to and including Step 4, we are set!  What could be simpler?  Here the "turing color" Leccinos in the center gallon container are the ones going into the Greek-style cure; well, actually, they are already in the cure and wont be looked at again for another week:


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Dec 15, Step 5, Day 8: The weak brine is replaced with a strong brine.  Nothing exciting, pretty routine and easy.  Note that all of the olives are floating in the stronger brine, and we are using an inverted smaller plastic lid to keep the olives pressed down into the brine:

Also note that the olive coloration was most probably only skin deep, and the pigments are also being floated away.


Time for another long snooze; these olives will be checked again in a month...