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Preserving Table Olives: Concentrated Brine


We will be following the directions for that (pg. 17) in the University of California publication:


                                       Olives: Safe Methods for Home Picking



Nov 16, 2012: Wow, enough salt to kill an elephant!  These green ripe cured table olives have the equivalent of about 6 cups salt per gallon of water.  If and when we ever get around to eating them, it will be interesting to see how much of that salt can be leached out!


The half gallon on the right has been prepared with concentrated brine - looks pretty normal but watch out!


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Rather than drying or concentrated brines (both shown above, I think maybe the best way to increase the storage life of shorter term cure olives is by canning them… hmmm, I guess that is why canned olives are the standard!