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Preserving Table Olives: Drying


We will be following the directions for that (pg. 18) in the University of California publication:


                                       Olives: Safe Methods for Home Picking



Nov 12, 2012: Arrrgh!  Honey, I shrunk the olives!!


Using a "Snackmaster Jr" (no implied endorsement here!), drying some Green Ripe Table Olives for about 20 hours as per the University instructions, a gallon of really nice Nocellara Del Belice was shrunk almost to cup size!


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Even trying to re-hydrate them in water can achieve very little (note the original size of the olives in the bottle of concentrated brine on the right):

Or using olive oil either (on right):

So, I just cannot recommend you do this.  After about 4 hours of drying, they were somewhat similar in size and texture to dry salt cured olives; however it is not known if they are suitable for long term storage after only that short of a time (presumably not).